QUESTION -----I am the mother of a drug addict; how can I help my son?  He is 28 years old and he has been involved with drugs a long time. The drug of choice is methamphetamine.
ANSWER-----No one can help your son except himself.  He has to decide that he needs help and wants to do something in that direction. If he reaches out, then be there to listen and assist him in anyway that you can. Family support for an addict who wishes to change his or her life is of critical importance.
There are treatment centers of all kinds in our state. Some are costly, others are less.The state has a few places a person can go for treatment of drugs, but there are longwaiting lists for all of them.
An alternative would be to attend classes on drugs and their affect on the body. In manysituations, mandatory drug tests are taken during the period the classes are given. Thatway "clean time" is insured and requirements are satisfied.  Usually these classes arescheduled locally in the city or county in which most of the participants live.
Drug treatment can also be made a condition of someone's probation. That process willensure participation because non compliance would be a violation of the probation. Thisviolation would result in time spent in jail, maybe even prison.
The starting point is your son.  Does he want help?  If that is the case, his willingness​ to proceed in this direction is the first step in the process and the most important one.​ A strong desire to change his life and to go to someone for help is all that is needed.